Who lives in Heaven?

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People lose their minds in the daily routine and the toys from the Heavens of Farah City are here to eliminate all that is not necessary and to maintain the order in New York City.


“Who lives in Heaven?” The single question every human it’s putting in 2018, the toys are the angels that control the mechanics of the world on the planet. The toys are here to stop the need for material and especially the money that controls the world.

Every city has beyond the sky a place where God’s best people reincarnate in a toy that is abandoned. People from Earth know this place as Heaven, but they don’t know that every city has its own Heaven beyond the sky that looks over the people from the near area.

The series begin in a world know as The Farah City a place that sit beyond the New York clouds.  Starting with 3 souls reincarnated from past people that lived in New York City, Sarah Majesty a little dirty trimmed monkey abandoned from the orphanage, Linda Karen a beautiful doll that didn’t see the shelves of the stores and a golden Duck with a broken leg caught in the suburbs of New York called Abraam Alek.  The toys were lost in time so the time had come for them to look over the New York City from the Farah Heavens.  After their human body died their good souls reincarnate in the toys that are abandoned in the city and come to the Farah Heavens.

The world is ruined by material possessions, but the first negative impact in the world is money. The toys have to come back with the good vibes and make people forget about their egos and start loving themselves more. There are different times and is important to give back the necessary self-worth in everybody. This is God’s plan and the toys must hurry, before it’s too late.

This is the adventure of the 3 little toys that live in the heavens of Farah that also communicate with the people from the New York City. The toys have to do their job in order to prevent any accidents in the city. They move thru teleportation in strategic points in the town, especially in locations that are not very populated.

In the heavens of Farah city the toys can see things before it happens, so they know from day to day what will happen in the city and when. They can see thru people’s eyes and they can feel their feelings and struggles.

The time has come when people are very busy and they are caught in a lot of distractions in everyday activity and because of this they don’t pay much attention to their health or their mental activity. The toys are here every day to help them to eliminate all the unnecessary thoughts and to disconnect the mind from the material.

Because of their past souls the toys sometimes begin to act very emotional in a tragic situation. God has send them to protect the city from the people that are too busy thinking about their problems and could possible create a wrong situation for themselves and for the mechanics of life.

Every day the toys have to deal with over 8 million people that are captured in the material distractions and sometimes they can’t save everybody, because not all the people deserve to be saved.

The 3 toys live together in the heavens of Farah city and they have a home and a beautiful garden. They act like normal people, doing their daily routine in Farah City, but when it comes to New York, the toys have superpowers and they don’t have to be seen by people. The toys can multiply objects, stop time and be invisible and also teleport.

In this series the action take place around 3 big scenarios which includes a bank heist, a “divine attention” on a crosswalk and a bad eating habit.

For the bank heist scenario all 3 toys meet together to solve this bank heist that it’s about to start. A lot of people are involved in this action in the near center of New York, police surrounded the area and the burglars are inside the bank taking people hostage and trying to access the safe via a hacking tool to open the electronic door. The toys are strategically placed in different points, Sara the monkey take the outside bank area, Linda Karen is in the bank and Abraam Alek is working at the electronic device for the bomb that is placed in the bank by the burglars for the plan B in case the door will not open via the electric hacking. Abraam is deactivating the bomb electric motherboard and stopping the time, so the burglar doesn’t know why this is happening and hopes that the electric device will be hacked and will open the bank door, but “accidentally” the device has no power now.

Sara Majesty the monkey looks ever the poor citizens and the police and immobilizes their mind to not take any critical action that can manifest into some dangerous situation.

Linda KAREN is working in the bank at the safety of the innocent citizens that are put in a bad situation because of the burglars. Linda freezes the time for the burglars and the police enters the bank and captures the burglars that don’t know what happened and how the police caught them; they were blind for a couple of seconds.

The next scenario is happening at an intersection where a drunk driver comes with speed and there is potential risk for damaging a lot of pedestrians.

Linda gets in the car of a speed manic and reduces his time of thinking so the action can take place slower so the rest of the toys can manifest different actions in their area. The toys are using their powers, but in small amount so the people can’t realize what is happening, because this must be done in a flow and this is a rule.

Abraam Alek takes the lights in the intersection and put them to the color red so people and cars cannot cross and in this point people are starting to get confuse about this situation because it can’t happen this way and they realize that it may be something fishy going on.

Sara majesty falls on the hood of the car and the drunk driver panics and powerfully pulls the steering wheel and manifest a situation where the car gets overbalanced and it flips over at speed, but continues to slide on the road without hurting anybody. Unfortunately, the driver dies in the car doing a heart stroke and the souls of the toys get on the block to watch people’s reaction and get emotional about the incident saying that “sometimes is hard to do this job”.

The last scenario is on the eating habit that takes place at a restaurant. Linda is looking over this fat man for the last weeks and that he just spends a lot of money on eating and don’t look over his health and it doesn’t look that good and he is destined to die of a brain accident if he doesn’t stop eating like that; the last meal of his life will put him to sleep if someone will not do anything about it.

Linda talks to God in the Farah city via a dream and God says to Linda that this is the last attention for this man; life doesn’t give you a lot of chances if you don’t show gratitude. So she follows this man and she puts different obstacle in his way so he can’t get very quickly to the restaurant around the block.

Linda puts traffic in front of him, crowded people and even dogs, but the man doesn’t give up and reaches the restaurant. Linda makes the type of food that he prefer disappear and the man gets very tired of this and he wants to leave, but he takes an apple from the desk and without Linda’s knowing the man chokes with the apple and dies over his weight.

Linda is very upset and she thought that “this job is not for anybody” and gets to the Farah city and tries to contact God to ask him why this happened, but he doesn’t answer. She finally looked outside in the garden of the Farah city and tries to get answers from the gardens that have no blame for their manifestation.

She sees that a plant is dead and another is just born so she starting to realize that this is the normal course of life and nobody should stay in front of this intelligent mechanism.

She gives green light to her crazy thoughts and goes to sleep with the rest of the toys, because tomorrow is another day and the toys have to save the people from their greedy minds.