The Cash Game




The Cash Game



In a deadlock, two young lovers walk into the abyss of the game of false beliefs changing their beautiful destiny into a nightmare.


“You don’t now the sneak head of Marconi who sedates you in the night to have hallucinations and to ruin your belief system and to forget who you are. A lot of people have misjudged the intelligence of this man that plays this game for his tournaments of the ego.”

In a couple of words the cash game is a game where you become aware of your beliefs and change them for the possession of money and fame.

Dream vision:

“He has that look in his eyes he feels people he feels their heart, sedates him at the bathroom, because people don’t like this kind of people here on earth, the belief game, good medic that divorce and the girl want to take revenge (the girl is nutts) they both inject themselves a syringe sleepy dream potion and find themselves in the dream and hustle for life and died there in the dream, but in reality?”

In the opening scene of the winter 2018 in poor new families breaks the corruption system and manage to make a living in New Orleans, Louisiana. In a world where the industry of money, health, electronics, pictures and paper rule the world, after a breakup a young couple ends with no possibility for their future. Jamie William realizes that life is more than this and now he has to suffer to reveal his true personality.

The movie follows the story of a young couple on the verge of divorce after 6 years of beautiful love and it’s only because the infidelity of Jamie’s ex-wife Diana Montero with her boss company Marconi Pepper. Jamie William wants the divorce paper to get done quick and also moral and financial damages and Diana is not ok with his decision. She wants to receive everything regardless of this situation and counts on her boss Marconi, a financial success representation and also behind a lot of strange spiritual activity behind this game that he has to control everything. The big boss today is not like it used to be, the old don with the pistol, it uses some sort of black magic to play a game and Marconi is responsible for a lot of disappearances.  The daily news talks about this strange spiritual vibe that covered the big country. This man, Marconi is always on the way to something new and fishy, he is always on his way; he is the man who changed the destiny of many people without their intention, playing with life, playing with people who not deserve it.

Diana laughs at Marconi and said to him “What is this all about?” and he said that “I will tell you when you will be rich and famous, but first you must accept this belief game”.

Marconi has this unknown government serum that he has access to it, because that is what people with power have; the freedom to do whatever they want and access all secrets. This solution is meant to give you the feeling that you forgot your life problems for a couple of hours and in this time to erase all your base beliefs and to reintroduce other in the time when you are sedated and in this way almost every human can be manipulated.

Diana has the thirst to destroy his ex-husband Jamie and accept to be injected with this serum, but Marconi feds the evil machine that he is with this game and he turns Diana and place what beliefs he wants. So he sedated Diana on a chair and said to her that “you are my bitch, you like this game, you like this life”, “Jamie is your ex-husband who wants to take everything from you, you have to destroy him”,” You will do anything for me” and after a couple of hours Diana wakes up and don’t remember much, but the laws of the game have been already put on the table.

The next day, Marconi hired somebody to follow Jamie to this coffee bar where he comes every day to think about his next step in life and how to proceed forward. This man passes him and throws a note with a message saying “Do you want to change your life?”

Jamie follows this man and said to him “YES”, and he said to follow him and to not put many questions, because it will be a cool ride. He got to this room with Marconi and he proposed him the same belief game, but without knowing that Diana is already placed as a pawn to play this game.

He accepts this game and Marconi sedates him and implants in his head beliefs like “You are afraid”, “You are small”, “You don’t represent anything”, “You are small, you are not a majority”, “You will have to play this game for me, for my enthusiasm”.  Jamie wakes up and doesn’t remember too much, but he is prepared for the game to begin.

Marconi calls up Diana and sends her to meet at somebody in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana. Diana arrives at the meeting point and sees Jamie’s and in that moment her beliefs started to emulate different kinds of emotion in her body.  Jamie turns left and sees Diana and also Jamie’s mind is starting to create different emotions, because of the beliefs that Marconi placed in both brains.

In that moment Diana a start fighting Jamie and it’s all a mess, because Jamie doesn’t realize what is happening and Diana is very angry. A shot is heard on the alley; Marconi’s right hand mister Johnson, the man who does the dirty job for his boss shot both, Diana and Jamie with a sniper with bullets with injection and sedates them.

They take them back to the office and inject another serum which is a dreaming serum and all the beliefs will start in a dream and the two will meet and remain in a dream constantly fighting and running over and over just for Marconi’s relaxation plan.

Diana and Jamie wakes up in the dream and can’t really make the difference between reality and dream, but they are in the dream, they are married again, but still fighting till and running over each other over and over.

After a couple scenes where both are running and fighting and a lot of mess is happening, Diana kills Jamie with a knife and in that moment she starts realizing all. Some thought from her subconscious are starting to rise and a few pictures went in her mind about Marconi’s belief game, but also Jamie her ex-husband and the friend that had been next to her for a long road. Jamie dies in a pool of blood near Diana and without a hesitation she pulled the trigger and killed herself. None of this would have happen if the couple could measure their problems and put love first.

Diana dies near Jamie’s body and they wake up scared from this dream, but they are not together and not even closer. Diana wakes up and is still a young girl in her high school back in London at his grandmother’s house and Jamie is in New York City at his university campus learning math.

What was this? A dream or just and illusion and another relaxation game from the one Marconi Pepper the biggest player of all time?