The ALL | If you feel is enough

Life is simple, but our mind makes it so much complicated.

Is this normal ? This make it a part of the normality of the experience that we live in ? Like if it was so easy why it should be necessary ? The thing is that the necessary and the easy doesn’t fit together very well; is seems normal to be not hard, but to put some effort in it and that is because you don’t have all the information to proceed forward to what do you think is good for you.

But how can you establish what is good for you or necessary cause you have to think and to think is not good for your soul, for your balance, for your expression; it puts you to work, it puts you to think and you have to listen to your heart like you have to understand that what you are and what is needed is already here or happening when you need it. If you start thinking that is a different process, because the ego may have something to say there.

Do you understand this concept? You can feel that something is necessary for you and then you may think about it and that’s it! You can not think how do you arrive there, because you don’t have the power to see what is the short or best way for you or when.

If you feel is enough and having that emotions in your vibe, expressing it for you in your thought under a visualization or thinking process will not help you that much, because you already are necessary, you already there.

If is really needed its happening by snapping your finger. REALLY THAT QUICK! So thinking and visualization doesn’t help you that much in the end, but it can make you feel good.

Life is taken to serious by the human. Is this normal ? Does this make a part in the dream of life experience ? Does this make a part of the normality program ? Yes, because easy is not a part of the normality for the people with no awareness and it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t need a hard life nor a easy life. You just need to be yourself and to access more the emotions, more the balance, more the flow, more the present, more the life.

If you take life to serious it doesn’t work; you just force it. Life is not stable, is not a fix materialization because the foundation is still made by mediocrity and this is normal.

How can you be human in an intelligent life materialization? You can’t do things if you are very smart, if you are God, if you have all powers; life has no meaning and it can’t exist. Mediocrity need proof, need a logic to life, needs a normality. Please understand this concept.

If you were super smart and you could have it all, you didn’t need a form, you didn’t need life, you could stay in the sky and watch other beat life. Problems are non-existent it’s all in your thought and emotions and this is ALL just a dream for experience.

How necessary is to live the present ? Stay and work and take actions in the present cause here is where you have and here is when you not; there is no past and future. ACT like you have nothing and nothing to lose.

How important is the emotion? The emotion is ALL and not what the material form offers you. The emotion is the total creation , the total necessity, the total meaning of life; is the ALL.

It’s all about the feeling of real, it’s all about the emotions, the experience in this playground called life; planning and preparation doesn’t mean nothing and the ego doesn’t know anything and can’t determine if something is real or false.

ALL that is real is your emotion and yes the emotion is real.


Creation is a part of the life program

Creation is a part of the life program, a part of the necessary experience. Creation like respect is part of the normality of life and is very well embedded so that another energy destined for any entertainment is lost. To create, to use your thinking, to visualize and dream makes the immune system very well, because the system is driven by emotions and beliefs. Creation is a part of life, the projection of the material is part of life and without it we would not be here to experiment.


Happiness equals present


Happiness or the state of calm is the person that you are currently living; other thoughts about the past or the future are false and not existent. It’s a powerful illusion that breaks you down easily. Your beliefs and emotions put you to the ground and you are not aware of them. When you are awake, when you know what is happening here, when you are aware of you and your emotions and you understand the concept of life, you have life instructions, the present becomes the only one that is omnipresent because you understand that there is neither the past nor the future, but only your thoughts, emotions and beliefs that you control. If you are good or happy, you are right now and not in the future or in the past, the present is found every time you want. You know that your reality is very easy to design when you need it and you do not want to become anything or hope for something that will happen after a certain interval of time. The state can be emulated easily RIGHT NOW and you don’t have to wait and live in a future emotion. Everything is here and everything fills your beliefs right now, but be aware that you are what is necessary and it’s not needed for you to become something that you are not; that state is not for you and it’s also in the future. The awareness of all the things, the self and the instructions of live does not occur immediately and the mind must understand the logic of things first in order to accept it. Canceling the EGO is impossible, it is a rejection of the projection of the material; of your body which is needed and is right now.  You better try to work with what you have and build from there, rather than to reject certain parts of you that are a part of the normality and it will be so much easier for you.


Fericirea sau starea de linistire, de regasirea, acel tu personal sta in prezent. Alte ganduri despre trecut sau viitor sunt false si nu existe. Este o iluzie puternica care te doboara usor. Credintele si sentimentele de pun la pamant fara a fi constient de ele. Atunci cand esti treaz si intelegi conceptul de viata si detii instructiuni de viata , prezentul este omniprezent pentru ca intelegi ca nu exista nici trecut nici viitor, ci doar gandurile, emotiile si credintele tale in prezent. Daca esti bun, fericit, corect esti acum si nu in viitor sau in trecut, prezentul se regaseste de cate ori vrei tu. Sti ca realitatea se proiecteaza foarte lejer cand vrei tu si ea este deja acum si nu este nevoie sa devii nimic sau sa speri la ceva ce se va intampla dupa un anumit interval. Stare se poate emula usor chiar acum si atunci numai este necesara asteptarea si trairea in acel sentiment din viitor. Totul este aici si totul se muleaza credintelor si sentimentelor tale daca tu iti doresti. Dar constientizarea tuturor lururilor, a sinelui si a instructiunilor nu se produce imediat, ci mintea trebuie sa intelegea logica lucrurilor ca sa o poata accepta. Anularea EGO-ului este imposibila, este o respingere a proiectiei din material; mai bine ai incerca sa lucrezi cu ceea ce este ca si constructie decat sa respingi anumite parti care fac parte din normalitate si iti va fi mult mai usor asa.


Let the reality be destroyed


Once you are aware of these instructions to live, your awareness, reality, perception, emotion and thought fall in place automatically. The shape of you is outlined than ever, and for this reason everything about life and yourself is questioned. Once this concept of manifested reality is understood, the reality that we experience is destroyed because the mediocrity has disappeared, wanting becomes an option and only a few things will be manifested because of the short enthusiasm for different experiences that once would have been interesting. The enthusiasm as an emotions is a negative emotion because it’s ruled by the ego and it’s the pleasure that only wants because is cool. The real you knows the truth and the “feeling of home” is what is desired and not the enthusiasm.


Aceste instructiuni de viata sunt benefice si nu in programul de experienta al vietii. Odata ce este constientizata realitatea, perceptia, emotia si gandul toate celelalte lucruri se regasesc automat. Constientizarea sinelui este mai conturata ca niciodata si din acest motiv totul este pus sub semnul intrebarii. Odata inteles acest concept de proiectie manifestata , realitatea pe care o experimentam se distruge, deoarece mediocritatea numai este prezenta, dorintele numai exista si putine lucruri mai pot fi manifestate cu adevarat din cauza entuziasmului prea putin probabil pentru diferite experiente care odata ar fi fost interesante.

The most precious thing in life is perception


The material does not mean anything and I do not want to seem like is ignorant saying that, but in the end the most valuable thing is perception. In a mediocre world it’s nice to experience, but everything is about your perception and what it means „something” to you. From this point starts all materialization that you perceive in your life, from here your life gets a sense, it has a logic, it has a guidance, it’s necessary, beautiful and it feels good. Depending on what you assign to a thought, material or a human becomes your primary goal, and people are subject to constant change. From this point of view life becomes more and more difficult to understand and more intelligent when we think about it. Nothing means nothing and everything is reduced to the perception that you have about life. Today you can have certain beliefs, certain emotions and perceptions, and tomorrow you can be someone else. For this reason life has no precise purpose and is not logical, it does not need arguments, and everything becomes necessary when you perception and need are met. Do you want to see anything other than what you see on a daily basis? Change your perception, change your emotions, change your thinking, get out of comfort and try different things. Life is simple and at the same time super complicated; is a totally mediocre paradox and at the same time, the greatest proof of intelligence I have seen so far. The program that we live in is built up without errors and can accept any kind of thinking, emotion, perception and change at once regardless of the circumstances.


Materialul nu inseamna nimic si nu vreau sa par ignorant spunand asta, dar in final lucru cel mai de valoare este perceptia. Intr-o lume mediocra este frumos sa experimentezi dar totul se rezuma la perceptia ta si al ce inseamna „ceva” pentru tine. De aici pleaca toate materializarile pe care tu le percepti in viata ta, de aici viata ta capata un sens, are o logica, are o indrumare, este necesara si frumoasa, se simte bine. In functie de ce atribui unui gand, material sau om acela devine scopul tau principal, iar oamenii sunt supusi la schimbari permanent. Din acest lucru viata devine din ce in ce mai greu de inteles si din ce in ce mai inteligenta cand ne gandim la acest aspect. Nimic nu inseamna nimic si totul se reduce la perceptia pe care tu o ai despre viata. Azi poti avea anumite credinte, anumite emotii si perceptii si maine poti fi altcineva. Din acest motiv viata nu are un scop precis, nu este logica, nu are nevoie de argumente si totul devine necesar atunci cand tu crezi ca este necesar. Vrei sa vezi altceva decat ceea ce vezi zilnic ? Schimba-ti perceptia, schimba-ti emotiile, schimba-ti gandirea, iesi din comfort, incearca lucruri diferite. Viata este simpla si in acelasi timp super complicata; e un paradox total mediocru si in acelasi timp cea mai mare dovada de inteligenta pe care am vazut-o. Programul este contruit atat de bine fara erori incat poate sa se muleze pe orice tip de gandire, emotie sau perceptie indiferent de circumstante.

A simple reality


The reality that we are experiencing is based on material reduction; things are small, they are limited, they are unintelligent, but all of this is part of the normality of the program that we all are experiencing. Life itself is a very well-designed experience program, and without all these little things, we no longer need to experience life. If we had everything from the beginning, if we could be anything, if we could fly, if we could lived in an abnormal program, life would be limited to a few years of experience, because there would be everything and everything in a mediocre world means mass destruction, it means boredom and nonsense.

There is no need for material help from the beginning, no divine touch, and no loss of self-security. It’s normal to be so, it’s normal for life to help you grow and get to where you believe it’s necessary. Each of us attracts all that is necessary and creates everything that he wants, but to get to the point where you are the captain of the ship, time is required and a decisive intent. At some point you will realize and become aware of the experience that you are totally connected and you realize that your emotions and beliefs (the things you believe in) express your reality around you. There is nothing else beyond this truth, but the program is mediocre and based on material reduction, so much fun around just keeps you distracted from this understanding. I do not say that you have to know everything, I do not say that you have to have a complete package, but for you and for your experience it would be good to understand and to realize what is happening so you can build what you want so it could be good. I know there are so many distractions today, very beautiful things that keep you in full reduction and I do not say that it’s easy to get out of there; It takes time and you need patience and perseverance. You have to have a good intuition, you have to start to be aware of what you feel, you have to start think free with no influence from the exterior, and for this reason many will never wake up; but there is no need to wake up, some are here to be lost and it’s not necessary to know all these things, otherwise the experience will lose it’s natural understanding. If we knew all this information in the great mass, we would start thinking before doing anything, we would begin to analyze all of life and eventually destroy us from too much understanding; We could not coexist under these conditions, so mediocrity has a plus in the experience that we live in. You have to go through life as you are and if you want to do something, start where you are, because you do not need to have anything; you will do it, you will take it to the end, but find your feeling of ” wanting to do something „ and when you want to leave, leave from the interior, because everything comes from there. Take life easy, because in the end we all get in another experience, so try to prioritize the limited time of this experience.


Realitatea pe care noi o experimentam e bazata pe reducere; lururile sunt marunte, sunt mici, sunt neinteligente, dar toate lucrurile astea fac parte din normalitatea programului pe care il experimentam. Viata in sine este un program de experienta foarte bine conceput si fara toate amanunturile astea mici, nu ar mai fi necesar sa experimentam. Daca am avea totul de la inceput, daca am putea fi orice, daca am putea zbura, daca am trai intr-un program anormal, viata s-ar limita la cativa ani de experienta pentru ca ar exista totul si totul intr-o lume mediocra inseamna distrugere in masa, inseamna plictiseala si nonsens.

Nu este nevoie sa avem de la inceput ajutor material, nu este nevoie de o atingere divina si in nici un caz de pierderea securitatii de sine. E normal sa fie asa, e normal ca viata sa te ajute sa cresti si sa ajungi intr-un loc unde crezi ca este necesar. Fiecare dintre noi atrage tot ce este necesar si isi creeaza tot ce isi doreste, dar ca sa ajungi in punctul in care sa fi capitalul vasului, necesita timp si o intentie decisiva. La un moment dat iti dai seama si incepi sa constientizezi experienta esti conectat cu totul si iti dai seama ca emotiile si credintele tale ( lucrurile in care crezi) exprima realitatea ta din jur. Altceva dincolo de acest adevar nu exista, dar programul fiind mediocru si bazat pe reducere, atatea distractii in jur fac doar sa te tina distras de la intelegerea asta. Nu zic ca trebuie sa sti totul, nu zic ca trebuie sa ai un pachet complet, dar pentru tine si pentru experienta in sine ar fi bine sa intelegi si sa constientizezi ce se intampla ca sa poti sa construiesti ce vrei si sa fie bine. Stiu ca sunt atatea distractii in ziua de azi, lucruri foarte frumoase care te tin in reducere totala si nu zic ca e usor sa iesi de acolo; dureaza timp si ai nevoie de rabdare si perseverenta. Trebuie sa ai o intuitie buna, trebuie sa incepi sa fi constient de ceea ce simti, trebuie sa incepi sa mai si gandesti liber fara influente si din acest motiv multi nu se vor trezi niciodata; dar nu este necesar sa ne trezim, unii sunt aici pentru a fi pierduti, nu este necesar sa stim toate aceste lucruri, altcumva experienta si-ar pierde din intelegere. Daca am sti in marea masa toate aceste informatii am incepe sa gandim inainte de a face ceva, am incepe sa analizem toti viata si intr-un final ne-am distruge din prea multa intelegere; nu am putea coexista in aceste conditii, deci mediocritatea totusi are un plus in experienta pe care o traim. Trebuie sa treci prin viata asa cum esti si daca vrei sa faci ceva , incepe de unde esti pentru ca nu e nevoie sa ai nimic; te descurci tu, o duci pana la capat, dar gaseste-ti sentimentul ala de ” a dori sa fac ceva „ si cand vrei sa pleci, pleaca de acolo din interior ca de acolo vin toate. Ia viata usor ca intr-un final toti ajungem tot acolo intr-o alta experienta, deci prioritizeaza timpul limitat din aceasta experienta.


Can we have it ALL ?


The concept of being rich or being poor is totally misunderstood. People look at the rich as very lucky subjects and they look at the poor like they are very lost. Where do these differences come from and why is it necessary to have these experiences in the construction of life ? There is room for everyone in the program that we experience and these very powerful concepts need to be clarified. The program is made from a multi experience where you can experience all sorts of mediocre material; without paradoxes and radical changes the program can not exist without the necessary difference. Such a program can not exist in abundance, because it would not be useful for the experience and life is more complex than the mediocre material. It is not necessary to have rich possessions as it is not necessary to experience how it is to have nothing and to accept that feeling as part of you. Being rich means doing everything necessary, but by doing everything necessary you can not have logical thinking, you can not take every thought that you want to materialize and ask yourself if I really need this and if it’s necessary. This thought makes contradictions and you can not experience material abundance in these conditions, because the rich man who has material is very permissive and does not use its logic to filter every dollar. For him it is necessary to be so, without any reason and he feels complete, for him the pleasure is there in that comfort. On the other hand, the poor have made the minimum necessary from some conscious or unconscious thoughts. Many are part of these two conscious or unconscious classes, because in this experience what you put out there is what you receive. In a strange way there are people who live in the experience program to experience poverty; It is necessary that this life to be as it is and for others it is necessary that in this life to be „someone” and accept material abundance. This thing can be straight from the bottom or through the experience. There is, however, the middle way of those who are balanced, those who have and have not, those who want, but filter the results in such a way that the balance is normal. We go back to life and how it is a total paradox, being very complex and making various combinations without which the experience would not make sense. Material wealth is not necessarily good, as poverty is not incredible, but from a conscious or unconscious cause the experience is abundant in such experiences. Life has no destiny, it does not have an up or down and you do not have to be rich, you do not have to be poor and in the end it’s important to experience the present reality and to accept that you are who you are from a conscious or unconscious cause ; You can experience what you are because of all the actions you put in the past and this has to be an unconscious cause or you can experience what you are from a conscious cause, being aware of your actions that have represented you in the way you really are. It is important to experience and start fro where you are and to accept your environment and to think about why I am here and what would be the necessary experience for me to take advantage of this experience as it is. Do not try to become someone or to be that someone or to look at the success of others, because it is not helpful; they are who they are and you are who you are, and the experiences for each individual are different as well as the development and involvement of beliefs in the development of individual, both psychic and physical. Many times the rich are not happy, because at some point they were so low that they did not have what to lose and from this complex they made necessary their abundance of material being saturated by so many shortcomings. In the end, even if they experience the state of material abundance, they will not look at those things as from the outside, but will be in the ” it is what it is ” way and they will go forward. Wealth and poverty are things that belong to our experience program, but that does not mean that much as we can see them from the outside and everyone has its needs in this experience.


Conceptul de a fi bogat sau de a fi sarac este unul total neinteles. Oamenii privesc bogatul ca fiind foarte norocos in schimb pe cel sarac foarte pierdut. De unde vin aceste diferente si de ce este necesar sa avem aceste experiente in constructia vietii ? Este loc pentru toti in programul de experienta si trebuie clarificate aceste concepte foarte puternice. Programul este o experiente multipla in care poti experimenta orice lucru material mediocru; fara paradoxuri si schimbari radicale programul nu poate exista neavand diferenta necesara. Un asemenea program nu poate exista doar in abundenta, deoarece nu ar fi de folos in experienta, iar programul nostru este mai complex decat materialul mediocru. Nu este necesar sa fi bogat material cum nu este necesar sa experimentezi cum e sa nu ai nimic si sa accepti acel sentiment ca fiind parte din tine. A fi bogat inseamna a face necesar totul, dar facand necesar totul nu poti avea o gandire logica, nu poti lua fiecare gand pe care vrei sa il materializezi si sa te intrebi daca chiar am nevoie de acest lucru si daca este necesar. Acest gand face contradictii si nu se poate experimenta abundenta materiala in aceste conditii pentru ca cel ce e bogat material este foarte permisiv si nu isi foloseste logica ca sa filtreze fiecare dolar. Pentru el este necesar sa fie asa fara nici un motiv si se simte complet, pentru el placerea e acolo in acel comfort. Pe de alta parte cel sarac faca din minim necesar dintr-o oarecare constienta sau inconstienta. Multi fac parte din aceste doua clase constient sau inconstient, deoarece in aceasta experienta ce pui acolo asta primesti. Intr-un mod ciudat sunt oameni care traiesc in programul de experienta pentru a experimenta saracia; este necesar ca aceasta viata sa fie asa cum este si pentru altii este necesar ca in aceasta viata sa fie ” cineva ” si sa accepte abundenta. Acest lucru poate fi direct din start din prima zi sau pe parcursul experientei. Exista totusi si calea de mijloc celor balansati, cei care au si nu au, cei care isi doresc, dar filtreaza rezultatele in asa fel incat balanta sa fie echilibrata. Ne intoarcem la viata si cum ea este un paradox total, fiind foarte complexa si facand diferite combinatii fara de care experienta nu si-ar avea rostul. Bogatia materiala nu este un lucru neaparat bun cum nici saracia nu este un lucru incredibil, dar din o cauza constienta sau nu, experienta este abundenta in asemenea experiente. Viata nu are un destin, nu are un suis sau coboras, nu trebuie sa fi bogat, nu trebuie sa fi sarac si intr-un final este important sa experimentezi prezentul si sa accepti faptul ca tu esti cine esti dintr-o cauza constienta sau inconstienta; poti sa experimentezi ceea ce esti datorita tuturor actiunilor pe care le-ai pus la un moment dat asta fiind o cauza inconstienta sau poti sa experimentezi ceea ce esti dintr-o cauza constienta, fiind constient de actiunile tale care te-au reprezentat in modul in care esti. Important este sa experimentezi si sa incerci sa pleci de unde esti sa accepti mediul tau inconjurator si sa te gandesti de ce sunt aici si care ar fi experienta necesara pentru mine ca sa profit de aceasta experienta asa cum e. Nu incerca sa devii cineva sau sa fi ca acel cineva sau sa privesti la succesul altora pentru ca nu este de folos; ei sunt ei tu esti tu, iar experientele pentru fiecare sunt diferite la fel ca si dezvoltarea si implicarea credintelor in dezvoltarea ta, atat psihica cat si fizica. De multe ori cei bogati nu sunt fericiti, pentru ca la un moment dat au fost atat de jos incat nu au mai avut ce pierde si din acest complex au facut necesar abundenta materiala ei fiind saturati de atatea neajunsuri. In final chiar si daca experimenteaza starea de abundenta materiala ei nu vor privii acele lucruri ca din exterior, ci vor fi la modul ” e cum e ” si vor merge inainte. Bogatia si saracia sunt lucruri care apartin de programul nostru de experienta, dar care nu inseamna atat de mult precum se observa din exterior si fiecare are necesarul lui in aceasta experienta.