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Two teenagers fall in love and become one of the most wanted couple after they discover their passion for hacking and making the world great again by playing with the rules written on paper.


The movie follows the life of young Augustin Viliana, a computer game lover who also is interested in the mystery of the internet and who become one of the best hackers of all time. The movie also deals with his love Angela Scarborogh and her father Lucky Scarborogh who is an ex-police agent and now one of the biggest targets in Dallas for the illegal shipments.

A family of doctors moves to America to start a new life and tries to offer their only child a good future by choosing for him to become one of the best doctors of all time. This is the family dream for the young Augustin Viliana, but he doesn’t know that his future will be so agitated.

Augustin had a passion for computer games starting from a young age. He was so obsessed with games that he became so good at learning the mechanics of a game and he didn’t gave up until he knew all the hints and all the credits and all the bugs, but it wasn’t enough for Augustin.

He was also very interested in the internet and how it worked and all day he will look at videos on how to program codes and databases for games. One day he realized that he could make money out of the internet without his parents knowing. He liked a game which involved hackers and cyber infractions and he wanted to see if he can do it in the real world.

He started creating small viruses and finding weak points in the bank sites so he can steal their databases. He wanted to show the world how people with power can take advantage of the ignorance of other people. He cleaned a lot of banks databases and turned down two of the most private banks in the Cayman Island.

He met his love of his life in high school when they played for the first time and from then Angela Scarborogh had a huge crush on Augustin. She was the daughter of an ex-agent who now is the biggest boss in Dallas for the illegal shipments.

Angela didn’t know that John was hacking the banks databases, until one day when she heard a strange sound from John’s laptop.  John received a letter from one of the bank directors to stop doing wrong to the people that supports the bank. Angela saw this e-mail and realizes what John was doing so she wanted to be a part of it. The two had a crush one for each other so they made a pact that they will be the only people to know about this.

Angela started working with John on the “correction of the nationalities” by banning bank accounts and transferring huge amounts of money in random accounts from different banks to different countries and to pay even people’s taxes. It was a huge case and caused a shock for the whole nationalities and the word was spreading pretty fast.  Everybody knew that is certain from a virus for sure, but nobody knew exactly what the cause of this issue was.

They also started banning and stealing credit cards and sell them on the black internet. They were making some real money for the first time and life was pretty good with this unknown fame and money for the ordinary routine.

Police started catching up with Augustin’s corrections from a small trace that he thought it was nothing, but it was enough for another hacker hired by police to follow up with his actions. At that time he didn’t protect himself as much, because nobody knew the way he did things. He stole all the database of all the clients in Dallas, but they were unable to catch someone or have a clue so they stopped and gave a phone to one of the best retired agents that can resolve this situation. It was Angela’s father, Lucky Scarborogh the ex-police agent, a presence in Dallas for his illegal joints.

He was the only one that can find information about this cyber infraction case by putting some little scammers finding out who was doing it from Dallas. In exchange for his services Lucky will be let alone and his past will be clean. Angela didn’t know too much about his father business, because Lucky didn’t came at home with it.  When it came to his family Lucky was a man of honor and he treated his family with respect and he tried to give them all the comfort in the world.

Lucky found some guys that will help him and the police with the case of the bank heist in Dallas. He hired two of the best scammers in town and they found out the near location from where the virus was sent and the last signal was not very far from their location.

Police reached the block and evacuated all the people and in one apartment they find Augustin’s laptop, but he wasn’t at home. They found money, but no evidence about the heist so when Augustin entered his block they caught him and took him back to the police station for questions.

Angela finds out about what happened and runs to his father to ask him for help. He said that he could not do anything about it, but he knew very well that he was behind the case and that he helped the police to get information about the hacker that made the bank heist in Dallas in exchange for a lot of beneficiaries.

Angela loved Augustin too much to let him down so she bought a new laptop and started continue the cyber bank heists, but with a bigger impact in the world. Angela started to corrupt the bank directors from the whole word and left every director a message that contains a lot of information about the people that they were “robbing”. Angela was posting all that information on the daily news sites with the message under the article saying “A brilliant idea, free Villy”.

Angela got to a point when she had nothing to lose so she also posted this message on an electric panel in Times Square, New York and this was the last alert that she gave to the police saying to them to leave Augustin free on a private jet with two million dollars.

After some negotiations the police gave Augustin the chance to leave and they also gave the airplane and the money that Angela asked, but as usual they planted a GPS signal on the airplane so they can trace Augustin’s location.

Augustin knew about it and jumped out of the plane with a parachute and tried to contact Angela so they can meet and continue their mastermind plan. The plane had crushed and everybody thought that Augustin Viliana the hacker, died in that crush, but that was the plan of Augustin’s mastermind.

They meet in the end and they were very luckily and graceful for this situation. Angela stopped the world correction, but not before she transferred 100 million dollars to a private bank that they cleaned out in the Cayman Island.

They also realize that the money they got from the police were fake so they put a picture with a message on the electric panel in Time Square showing what the police can do in this situation with a message “A brilliant idea. We didn’t know money were this fake!”

The world had a tumultuous shocked and for some time a lot of protests was pushing the world to an end,  the corruption dropped and taxes were no longer available or payable in no country.

Augustin Viliana caught up with some friends and made a new ID and started a new family with Angela. They left the town and got to an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean.

After 10 years the world crush was over and they returned to America to act like a normal family struggling thru life and times were different. Angela and Augustin had two children’s, a boy and a girl, who one day became interested in smartphones and tablets. That day they realize that their children had the same passion as their parents. They had the internet virus in their mind and the passion to drive it and their parents knew that one day they will become again one of the best hackers of all time.

And when all evil will reach the world in such a way that will black out the sky, somebody will have to rearrange the mechanics of life and if God’s plan is like this, it will happen when the time is right.