The ALL | If you feel is enough

Life is simple, but our mind makes it so much complicated.

Is this normal ? This make it a part of the normality of the experience that we live in ? Like if it was so easy why it should be necessary ? The thing is that the necessary and the easy doesn’t fit together very well; is seems normal to be not hard, but to put some effort in it and that is because you don’t have all the information to proceed forward to what do you think is good for you.

But how can you establish what is good for you or necessary cause you have to think and to think is not good for your soul, for your balance, for your expression; it puts you to work, it puts you to think and you have to listen to your heart like you have to understand that what you are and what is needed is already here or happening when you need it. If you start thinking that is a different process, because the ego may have something to say there.

Do you understand this concept? You can feel that something is necessary for you and then you may think about it and that’s it! You can not think how do you arrive there, because you don’t have the power to see what is the short or best way for you or when.

If you feel is enough and having that emotions in your vibe, expressing it for you in your thought under a visualization or thinking process will not help you that much, because you already are necessary, you already there.

If is really needed its happening by snapping your finger. REALLY THAT QUICK! So thinking and visualization doesn’t help you that much in the end, but it can make you feel good.

Life is taken to serious by the human. Is this normal ? Does this make a part in the dream of life experience ? Does this make a part of the normality program ? Yes, because easy is not a part of the normality for the people with no awareness and it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t need a hard life nor a easy life. You just need to be yourself and to access more the emotions, more the balance, more the flow, more the present, more the life.

If you take life to serious it doesn’t work; you just force it. Life is not stable, is not a fix materialization because the foundation is still made by mediocrity and this is normal.

How can you be human in an intelligent life materialization? You can’t do things if you are very smart, if you are God, if you have all powers; life has no meaning and it can’t exist. Mediocrity need proof, need a logic to life, needs a normality. Please understand this concept.

If you were super smart and you could have it all, you didn’t need a form, you didn’t need life, you could stay in the sky and watch other beat life. Problems are non-existent it’s all in your thought and emotions and this is ALL just a dream for experience.

How necessary is to live the present ? Stay and work and take actions in the present cause here is where you have and here is when you not; there is no past and future. ACT like you have nothing and nothing to lose.

How important is the emotion? The emotion is ALL and not what the material form offers you. The emotion is the total creation , the total necessity, the total meaning of life; is the ALL.

It’s all about the feeling of real, it’s all about the emotions, the experience in this playground called life; planning and preparation doesn’t mean nothing and the ego doesn’t know anything and can’t determine if something is real or false.

ALL that is real is your emotion and yes the emotion is real.


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