Happiness equals present


Happiness or the state of calm is the person that you are currently living; other thoughts about the past or the future are false and not existent. It’s a powerful illusion that breaks you down easily. Your beliefs and emotions put you to the ground and you are not aware of them. When you are awake, when you know what is happening here, when you are aware of you and your emotions and you understand the concept of life, you have life instructions, the present becomes the only one that is omnipresent because you understand that there is neither the past nor the future, but only your thoughts, emotions and beliefs that you control. If you are good or happy, you are right now and not in the future or in the past, the present is found every time you want. You know that your reality is very easy to design when you need it and you do not want to become anything or hope for something that will happen after a certain interval of time. The state can be emulated easily RIGHT NOW and you don’t have to wait and live in a future emotion. Everything is here and everything fills your beliefs right now, but be aware that you are what is necessary and it’s not needed for you to become something that you are not; that state is not for you and it’s also in the future. The awareness of all the things, the self and the instructions of live does not occur immediately and the mind must understand the logic of things first in order to accept it. Canceling the EGO is impossible, it is a rejection of the projection of the material; of your body which is needed and is right now.  You better try to work with what you have and build from there, rather than to reject certain parts of you that are a part of the normality and it will be so much easier for you.


Fericirea sau starea de linistire, de regasirea, acel tu personal sta in prezent. Alte ganduri despre trecut sau viitor sunt false si nu existe. Este o iluzie puternica care te doboara usor. Credintele si sentimentele de pun la pamant fara a fi constient de ele. Atunci cand esti treaz si intelegi conceptul de viata si detii instructiuni de viata , prezentul este omniprezent pentru ca intelegi ca nu exista nici trecut nici viitor, ci doar gandurile, emotiile si credintele tale in prezent. Daca esti bun, fericit, corect esti acum si nu in viitor sau in trecut, prezentul se regaseste de cate ori vrei tu. Sti ca realitatea se proiecteaza foarte lejer cand vrei tu si ea este deja acum si nu este nevoie sa devii nimic sau sa speri la ceva ce se va intampla dupa un anumit interval. Stare se poate emula usor chiar acum si atunci numai este necesara asteptarea si trairea in acel sentiment din viitor. Totul este aici si totul se muleaza credintelor si sentimentelor tale daca tu iti doresti. Dar constientizarea tuturor lururilor, a sinelui si a instructiunilor nu se produce imediat, ci mintea trebuie sa intelegea logica lucrurilor ca sa o poata accepta. Anularea EGO-ului este imposibila, este o respingere a proiectiei din material; mai bine ai incerca sa lucrezi cu ceea ce este ca si constructie decat sa respingi anumite parti care fac parte din normalitate si iti va fi mult mai usor asa.


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