A simple reality


The reality that we are experiencing is based on material reduction; things are small, they are limited, they are unintelligent, but all of this is part of the normality of the program that we all are experiencing. Life itself is a very well-designed experience program, and without all these little things, we no longer need to experience life. If we had everything from the beginning, if we could be anything, if we could fly, if we could lived in an abnormal program, life would be limited to a few years of experience, because there would be everything and everything in a mediocre world means mass destruction, it means boredom and nonsense.

There is no need for material help from the beginning, no divine touch, and no loss of self-security. It’s normal to be so, it’s normal for life to help you grow and get to where you believe it’s necessary. Each of us attracts all that is necessary and creates everything that he wants, but to get to the point where you are the captain of the ship, time is required and a decisive intent. At some point you will realize and become aware of the experience that you are totally connected and you realize that your emotions and beliefs (the things you believe in) express your reality around you. There is nothing else beyond this truth, but the program is mediocre and based on material reduction, so much fun around just keeps you distracted from this understanding. I do not say that you have to know everything, I do not say that you have to have a complete package, but for you and for your experience it would be good to understand and to realize what is happening so you can build what you want so it could be good. I know there are so many distractions today, very beautiful things that keep you in full reduction and I do not say that it’s easy to get out of there; It takes time and you need patience and perseverance. You have to have a good intuition, you have to start to be aware of what you feel, you have to start think free with no influence from the exterior, and for this reason many will never wake up; but there is no need to wake up, some are here to be lost and it’s not necessary to know all these things, otherwise the experience will lose it’s natural understanding. If we knew all this information in the great mass, we would start thinking before doing anything, we would begin to analyze all of life and eventually destroy us from too much understanding; We could not coexist under these conditions, so mediocrity has a plus in the experience that we live in. You have to go through life as you are and if you want to do something, start where you are, because you do not need to have anything; you will do it, you will take it to the end, but find your feeling of ” wanting to do something „ and when you want to leave, leave from the interior, because everything comes from there. Take life easy, because in the end we all get in another experience, so try to prioritize the limited time of this experience.


Realitatea pe care noi o experimentam e bazata pe reducere; lururile sunt marunte, sunt mici, sunt neinteligente, dar toate lucrurile astea fac parte din normalitatea programului pe care il experimentam. Viata in sine este un program de experienta foarte bine conceput si fara toate amanunturile astea mici, nu ar mai fi necesar sa experimentam. Daca am avea totul de la inceput, daca am putea fi orice, daca am putea zbura, daca am trai intr-un program anormal, viata s-ar limita la cativa ani de experienta pentru ca ar exista totul si totul intr-o lume mediocra inseamna distrugere in masa, inseamna plictiseala si nonsens.

Nu este nevoie sa avem de la inceput ajutor material, nu este nevoie de o atingere divina si in nici un caz de pierderea securitatii de sine. E normal sa fie asa, e normal ca viata sa te ajute sa cresti si sa ajungi intr-un loc unde crezi ca este necesar. Fiecare dintre noi atrage tot ce este necesar si isi creeaza tot ce isi doreste, dar ca sa ajungi in punctul in care sa fi capitalul vasului, necesita timp si o intentie decisiva. La un moment dat iti dai seama si incepi sa constientizezi experienta esti conectat cu totul si iti dai seama ca emotiile si credintele tale ( lucrurile in care crezi) exprima realitatea ta din jur. Altceva dincolo de acest adevar nu exista, dar programul fiind mediocru si bazat pe reducere, atatea distractii in jur fac doar sa te tina distras de la intelegerea asta. Nu zic ca trebuie sa sti totul, nu zic ca trebuie sa ai un pachet complet, dar pentru tine si pentru experienta in sine ar fi bine sa intelegi si sa constientizezi ce se intampla ca sa poti sa construiesti ce vrei si sa fie bine. Stiu ca sunt atatea distractii in ziua de azi, lucruri foarte frumoase care te tin in reducere totala si nu zic ca e usor sa iesi de acolo; dureaza timp si ai nevoie de rabdare si perseverenta. Trebuie sa ai o intuitie buna, trebuie sa incepi sa fi constient de ceea ce simti, trebuie sa incepi sa mai si gandesti liber fara influente si din acest motiv multi nu se vor trezi niciodata; dar nu este necesar sa ne trezim, unii sunt aici pentru a fi pierduti, nu este necesar sa stim toate aceste lucruri, altcumva experienta si-ar pierde din intelegere. Daca am sti in marea masa toate aceste informatii am incepe sa gandim inainte de a face ceva, am incepe sa analizem toti viata si intr-un final ne-am distruge din prea multa intelegere; nu am putea coexista in aceste conditii, deci mediocritatea totusi are un plus in experienta pe care o traim. Trebuie sa treci prin viata asa cum esti si daca vrei sa faci ceva , incepe de unde esti pentru ca nu e nevoie sa ai nimic; te descurci tu, o duci pana la capat, dar gaseste-ti sentimentul ala de ” a dori sa fac ceva „ si cand vrei sa pleci, pleaca de acolo din interior ca de acolo vin toate. Ia viata usor ca intr-un final toti ajungem tot acolo intr-o alta experienta, deci prioritizeaza timpul limitat din aceasta experienta.


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