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In the beginning there was nothing and nothing is in the present day; the material that you experience means nothing and attachments are lost. The dream of life experience represents a program of normality, a reflection of mixed emotions, a representation of a character in the dream of life experience, the combination between the normal rate perception and the mediocre rate perception. The mediocre rate perception needs proof and understanding of what is happening. Humans need the mediocre rate perception for entertainment and for seeing beauty in the material as a part of the normality of the program. To achieve experience with emotional feedback we need mediocrity from the mediocre rate perception. We need proof of existence and instructions for life from our normal rate perception which is aware of the situation and knows what is good for us to exist in an experience program like the dream of life. We have one time on this experience which is taken place on planet Earth and we have to make it the normal expression of each individual and we need instruction for life. We have to represent our true self and to express that creativity and the originality of each individual, the awareness of who we are in a material form for experience. There is no I and there is no destiny and no purpose of existence, nothing to find and no floating soul is attached to a material body and nothing that is lost and found. You can do whatever is necessary for you in the dream of life experience.

I know that the dream of life experience seems small compared with the infinite Universe, but this is a part of the normality of the program that we live. The program is created from different experiences and we created the power which made us powerless. We have millions of connections mental and physical with millions of impulses in the experience that modify perception in real time. Our brain is connected with the infinite source of the dream of life experience. It transcends our mediocre rate perception and our perception moment by moment thru time and space. Going deeper in the material the brain is a replication of the infinite Universe in a smaller scale, a device that controls everything individual. The experience is taking place in the center of the Universe and we can be big or small, we can lift or can get down and we can create and see anything. We are a high-performance machine for materializing or seeing what is supposed to see projected from the emotional and belief system. Our eyes can see representation from our true sense in real manifestation in the dream of life experience. We can limit or non-limit and become what is a part of the normality of the program, a supreme manifestation or a disaster. We can attain our peace of mind from the thought that we are creators and we have everything, we are infinite and we have modified fire.

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