EC161 (2)

ALSPEL 1:1.There is no GOD, supreme manifestation named bigger than you. The name God represents evolution and God is simple. God is a feeling, a state of evolution, higher vibration or action, non-limit, non-resistance state of mind, unconditional security, silence and peace. I believe in me and I believe in you. I believe that what we see is an experience with mixed emotions and eyes are just a part of the normality of the dream of life experience. A supreme manifestation doesn’t exist and it feel like somebody is there in the sky, because the reflection of our perception. It reflects the same image, but in different creation. I believe that we are a representation of a supreme manifestation in a human body. The first is the ultimate perception of the dream of life and the second is the flesh that makes us a part of the normality in the dream of life experience. This game with mixed emotions is a game that we all created in order to experience mixed actions and emotions and the abundance exists.

ALSPEL 1:2.Our language can change our behavior, mental health, thoughts and emotion and in conclusion we deceive our true self. With different language come different traditions and different lifestyles based on traditions and the city that we grew up, our parent that educate us and give us beliefs and emotions from their experiences. This is how the structure of a human is created and modified. The human must have the courage to see his true sense and make it a reality in the dream of life experience; a representation of his own style and personality. Sometimes, I wonder how the next person thinks, perceive and feel everything. We are like actors, born and raised in different time and space with different perceptions about what is life, what we are, what we can do, our path and how we can find it.

ALSPEL 1:3.In the dream of life experience we tend to lose our true self and we don’t ask ourselves what is that we see and what life means, because of the distractions. I guess a lot of people are not aware of what they came for. We are here to experience and to give the world a different level of experience thru our own uniqueness, but all this different distractions get people attached by material and negative thoughts like there are limitation, like there is just an amount of something and life has to be like this. Ironically the dream of life experience is made from abundance and the reality that is perceived is created by each individual. What you see is a clear expression of the things that you believe in, the things that you like and what you die for. Life is just and when you put the correct amount of beliefs and emotions you see life in colors, but an incorrect amount can get you to see life in negative colors.

ALSPEL 1:4. No information about instructions for life is promoted and people experience abuse of negative experience and a delusional path. A lot of energy is put into the mediocre rate perception with social networks and meaningless products, the mind is always racing for material that doesn’t even matter at all and the focus is on the opposite direction. Without a true sense of awareness people don’t know who they are and what is happening right now. On one hand is good and normal to not know everything and to not be like a supreme manifestation, because it’s a part of the normality that we live in to experience the material, but one other hand people have to know at least the minimum information about what is happening and accept the dream of life experience. Most of the people don’t know what is happening never mind of knowing who they are and what they have to do here. The world shows only the script “work and sleep” and people are born and they see this and they emulate that and can’t recognize the originality. Everybody is unique and can do something special for the dream of life experience and this has to be the single work to do.

ALSPEL 1:5.Live life the real way and make it how you want it, because it is all a dream. Why do you make things so complicated? This is not why you experience the dream of life. In the end we all die so you have to create something in your mind that works with you and gives you a meaning in the dream of life experience, something that you are passionate about and want to work for a material representation of who you are in this experience. When your life is abundant you experience heaven and when you experience negative feedback you experience hell. Heaven and hell are a state of mind so stop believing in paranormal activities as well in thoughts or beliefs that you hear from mediocre people that don’t have normal coordinates. Find your answers in you and stop the outside. All that you believe is true is real. Stay grounded and honest to who you are, for your thoughts, for your emotions, for your beliefs and you will see answers and perfection.

ALSPEL 1:6.Without solitude you can’t connect with a supreme manifestation. What is a supreme manifestation? When I was younger I thought that God looks like an old bearded man in the sky that is very good and can help us thru hard times. But now I have a deeper understanding of me and I don’t believe in God anymore. For me God is a thought for mediocre people that don’t have 101 percent divine confidence in their normal rate perception. 101 divine confidence means having secure confidence without any negative thoughts, doubts or limits and without asking why. To have this crazy belief in you that nobody can stop you and it doesn’t matter what is happening outside. I want to tell you that when I learn this attraction process I believed in a supreme manifestation, but now I experience the feeling that I am God. I believed in me and I have 101 percent secure confidence in me. This world is a dream and you have to take it as it is. You have to have that believe that you are a powerful representation in a material form in the dream of life experience and that this world is yours and you can make it the way you want it. You control the world and the world is at your feet praying for you and this thought is real, real as it can be. It is manifesting right now, but everything has a price so you need a lot of solitude in order to connect with your inner self, to ask questions and see the truth. The supreme manifestation that you are searching for is you.