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The dream of life is a weird experience and people are not living, they are falling. They don’t deserve the condition of the dream of life experience. The ego is loaded with distractions and this can’t be life; illness is omnipresent. I hope that somebody or something will fire the light so the illumination can arrive and destroy this evil spirit called ego that is deceiving people from the earth.

Why is this world like this? Why we don’t focus on the planet and take off of it? Why is supposed to be this way? The world could be real good without companies that are selling your soul.  Desires are omnipresent emotions and are active now, but the will is a demon that is not required for the nature of human. It is important to travel to expand our belief system and the emotion that comes with it. Daily dreaming is good for you and keeps you in a protective environment in this world. Being creative is a protection status and health is direct proportional with the awareness of who you are.

Something is changing the structure of a belief system when something new appears in the mind. The mind accepts new parameters that modify the perception. The perception slows down to change a belief in the belief system and indirect in our reality. It is now here, because is meant to be this way over and over again. It is real? No. What it is? Time perception is changing and we can’t stop it this way.

„I guess the time has paid off finally and it’s December. Love the smell of success in the afternoon. But the war is still running and maybe I won a little battle. Demons visit me sometimes and give me negative emotions to feel, but I have light and I don’t embrace them. Morning dreams with saints woke me up. Thoughts in my mind remain after thinking about them and trying to figure it all and then it hit me with this thought “devils betrayed you”.”

„Life is an act of courage and intelligence and who created this projection of this world is very creative and very smart. We live in a Universe that is stamped by numbers and I believe that right now is necessary to start a new year, because the world that is manifested in the present moment, can’t survive any longer in this conditions.”

„The magic moment is here. Feeling a lot stable, I packet my thoughts and I am waiting for the train to come to get me where I want to get. I wear black glasses and after a couple of minutes I realize that is no train. Ironical laugh on my face, I get up and go to a safe point in order to become more self-aware of the attraction process. I visualize in my mind 2 bottles of liquid smelling good and I feel like I am dying of thirst.”

„Enough is enough and it’s been some time from when I started meditation, but distractions are everywhere. I have to take this seriously and make a difference in this world, because is full of mess and this is goodbye.”

„How did I make 100,000,000 euros?”…Ops…this sounds like a book so this is what I have to do.


I believe that we feel before we think. Material things have low vibration and it’s nothing better and bigger than you. The expression of the physical body is the “Who you are” and there is nothing bigger than your perception and your material expression in the dream of life experience; you are a supreme manifestation.


 Read the full ebook for free here